Moneyble Personal Finance Portable

Moneyble Personal Finance Portable 3.4.43

Free Personal Finance Excel-inspired app (Portable version)

Free Personal Finance Excel-inspired app (Portable version)

Optimized for performance and ease of use.

The app is designed for those who are using Excel today to track personal finances. All screens are spreadsheet-based to allow quick data entry and editing.

- Income / Expense / Savings tracking,

- Budgeting,

- Cash Forecasting,

- Bank Statement Import with automatic categorization,

- On-the-go transaction entry from a smartphone (Android and BlackBerry 10 only),

- Customizable columns,

- Loan/Mortgage what-if analysis,

- Scheduled auto-generated transactions,

- Payment due date reminders,

- Reimbursements,

- Net Worth Dashboards,

- Investment Project Tracking,

- Export to Excel,

- Portable,

- Password Protection,

- Synchronization between multiple computers

- Automatic rounding

Fully customizable. You can choose what columns you want to see and how to name them. You can adjust Moneyble transaction spreadsheet to look like your existing Excel file.

If you are just beginning to track your finances - Moneyble gives you a simple template for income/expense tracking, budgeting (weekly and monthly), cash forecasting and growth of savings. You can use these spreadsheets as is. Or you can completely customize them based on your goals.

Moneyble Personal Finance Portable


Moneyble Personal Finance Portable 3.4.43

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